the attraction of two sink-flows in space-time is supported by two counter-rotating vortex flows


An alternative understanding of the elementary force gravity

by Dr. Ing. Franz Maurer

The short version of a new theory of gravity, witch enables a unification of the theory for long distant astronomy with the theory of smallest particles. 

        Following the thesis of Thales von Milet, the existence of everything developed from water; and somewhat later Heraklit said, everything is fluent (Pan-tarhei). Latest success with the measurement of gravitational waves show, that spacetime must be incompressible, which is water, but while its bending qualification  is at least questionable, its streeming capability is out of question.  

        The assumption, that gravity forces do not exist due to  bending of spacetime but due to acceleration or deceleration of spacetime makes the generation of forces more convincing. This means that we have to look into movements of spacetime in general. In this article we assume, that each quark particle, the carriers of mass in atoms, is a very small sink in spacetime. Spacetime is „inhaled“ by the particle and transported  with relativistic velocity into anti spacetime, where a corresponding anti particle as source is formed.     

        The „respiration“ movements of billions of quark particles generate forces: Inhaling means attraction and exhaling into anti spacetime - with or without rotation - means repulsion, which we do not care for, but which exists in anti spacetime.  

        The huge mass of the earth inhales spacetime with high velocity - wich is calculated in the following section - orthogonal to  the earth surface. This flow is felt by the smallest particles of all bodies near the surface, again by its quark  particles, which stop and deviate the movement from vertical into horizontal and give us the feeling of weight, and the exhaling into anti spacetime generates as source flows the missed anti particles, which however loose very quickly relativistic velocity and due to repulsion forces end up as ordinary anti-spacetime. 

        Essentials of a „unified“ theory of gravity:   

1. Spacetime is understood as a universal medium, the movements of which and in which are following the special rules of potential flows with following qualifications:

            - incompressible                       

            - frictionless

            - irrotational 

            - and, in contrast to usual potential flows, massless below „relativistic“ velocities.

2. Quark particles, as envisaged in particle physics, are understood as extremely small point sinks and sources within spacetime and anti spacetime.    

            - they transport spacetime-volume into „anti-spacetime“ with „relativistic“ velocities.

            - they produce as sinks their own anti-matter sources coupled to their own sink-existence.

            - they are reaching relativistic velocities and as such they are the „carriers“ of  mass.

            - combined as sink-vortex combinations very strong binding forces to other quarks               

               result, since neighboring sinks and (counter)rotation at relativistic velocities develop 

               very strong binding forces. (E = M C²)

            - since there are billions in one cm³, the enormous energy in binding forces are explained.

            - no „stopgap - gluons“ are needed, the binding forces of which are anyway questionable! 

In following formulas  the sign for multiplication: (*), for division (/), for Exponent (E) 

Since the quark particles need for their existence permanently spacetime volume , a velocity Vr exists of the spacetime „wind“, which can be calculated easily for spherical bodies. In the center of the body  Vr = 0. Vr grows quickly inside the spherical body and reaches a maximum at the body surface. From there it decreases:              

3. Velocities in a spherical sink-flow field with incompressible volume flow H(m³/sec)               

decrease with the square of the radius according to the surfaces of spheres, when moving away from the center outside the body. The available correction for the flow is the surface of the next outer sphere with increased radius.

                                   Vr  =  H / 4Pi R²

                                   Vr  =  H / 4Pi * 1/ R²

4. Accelerations 

                             dVr/dt  =  dVr/dR *  dR / dt      

                             dVr/dr  =  H / (2 Pi R³) * dR / dt  and with  dR/dt =Vr

                                     H   =  d (Vr/dt) * 2 Pi Re³ / Vr   

                                     H   =  d (Vr/dt) * 2 Pi Re³ / (H / 4Pi Re²)

The measured acceleration of the earth at a radius Re:  dVr/dt = 9,81  m / sec²  

                                   H²  =  dVr/dt * 2 Pi R³ * 4Pi Re²

                                          =   774.57 * Re³ * Re²   

                                          =   774.57 * 2.16E20 * 36E13

                                          =   6.023E36

                                   H   =   2.454E18 m³/sec   

                                     Vre =   H / 4Pi Re² =  2.454E18 / (12.566 * 36E12)

                                   Vre =  5425 m/sec  that is  0.000018 light velocity       

5. A vertical spacetime volume flow into the earth surface is the consequence each atom i.e. each quark particle near the earth surface „drinks“ from this vertical flow, converts  its vertical movement into horizontal movement and “feels“ the change of momentum  as  weight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

            Progress compared to the present thesis, that gravity forces results from bending of spacetime:

The assumption that the smallest mass carrying „particles“ are in fact fluidics in and of spacetime, allows the desired unification of the theory of gravity in astronomic application with the theory for binding forces inside atoms. Mass „inhales“ spacetime and exhales it into „anti-spacetime“, where the corresponding antimatter particles are formed, and the transition velocity is „relativistic“, which means almost light velocity. The proof of correctness for Einsteins thesis was the „bending“ of light passing the sun during an eclipse. The same result we can get, when the sun, because of its mass, „inhales“ spacetime, the basic assumption of my thesis, and the crosswind deviates the light and  can  be calculated as shown using the gravity constant of the sun using its mass.            

            Spacetime and anti-spacetime, penetrating each other inherently in our universe, produce mass and matter when meeting at (near) light velocity in quark sink/source combinations.   

            A very big advantage of the theory  is, that it can be understood by persons without higher, which means university education. The knowledge of mathematics and physics of upper classes at high schools is sufficient for understanding the thesis. The application to spherical sinks in 3 dimensions is much more easy to understand than the handling of 8 or 11 dimensions. 

For calculations a 25 years old Texas Instruments Ti 66 pocked calculator was sufficient. 

        The moon in the „gravity suction“ of the earth.

Distance of moon: 384 000 km,    Mass of moon: 735E22 kg

From the equation for the accelerations on the spherical surfaces with radius R derived above we find the acceleration at a distance of the moon:

                    dVr / dt  =   dVr / dR  *  dR / dt    und  dR / dt =  Vr

                    dVr / dR =  (H / 4 Pi) * ( - 2  / R³) =  - H / (2 Pi R³) m/sec/m

                    dVr / dt  =   - H / (2 Pi R³) * Vr      m/sec/m * m/sec  =  m/sec²    

                              - H  =   dVr / dt * 2Pi R³/  Vr    and with R = Rm = Rmoon- orbit and  Vr  =  H / 4Pi Rm²    

                             - H  =   dVr / dt * 2Pi Rm³ / (H / 4Pi Rm²)

                            - H² =   dVr / dt * 2Pi Rm³ * 4 Pi Rm²   

                             -H² =   dVr / dt * 8 Pi² Rm³ * Rm²    m/sec² m³ m²

 dVr / dt at the distance of the moon is Rmoon *(omega)². 

With omega = 2Pi / T und T in seconds: 

  27 days 7 hours i. e. 648 + 7 =  655 hours with 3600 seconds: T  = 2 358 000 sec.

The angular velocity: omega =  2Pi / T = 6.283 / 2358000 =  2.6646E-06 /sec

with (omega)² = 7.100 E-12   and the

acceleration dVr / dt :  R(moon) * (omega)² =  2.726 E-03 m/sec²

                          - H²  =  2.7 E-03 * 8 Pi² * Rm³ * Rm²

                          - H²  =  1.78 E42   and   H   =  1.334 E21 m³/sec   

Compared with the suction volume 2.454 E18 m³/sec, calculated for the surface of the earth and the gravity constant 9,81 m/sec², we see a rather big difference. Of course the suction volume must be as constant as the mass of the earth. There  are several reasons for the Difference:

1. The attraction of the moon on the earth contributes essentially to keeping  the moon     on its orbit and was not considered  so far. 

2. Already on  the previous page the gravity constant 9.81 m/sec² was explained to be valid only for gravity action near the earth surface ( C. F. Gauss)  

3. The influence of the sun was not considered ( Three body problem )

author: Dr. Ing. Franz Maurer

phone.: 02246 5316 


Former scientific employee of DLR Cologne Germany. Head of transsonic, supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnel division Köln. Due to this position between 1979 and 1987 technical member of the Steering Committee of the „European Transonic Windtunnel ETW“ and for 3 years deputy leader of the ETW Projekt Group at NLR Amsterdam. When retired 1994 „hobby“- Astronomy with small privat observatory.  To work out all the details of this alternative understanding of gravity and possibly other elementary forces, we would need a whole probably new generation of physicists.

contact: Franz Maurer, Germany

phone +49 2246 5316



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